Troker de Mexico – Horns Heaven

I was in horns heaven at the Troker gig on Monday night at Parque Nocturnal – part of the concert program for La Feria de Las Flores 2013 (Flower Fair) in Medellin, Colombia. Troker live concert - Medellin, Colombia

One saxophone player (“El Tiburon” Santillanes) & one trumpet player (Chemin Santillanes) – both miked – blowing their horns front and centre stage in place of a vocalist.

Troker live concert - Medellin, Colombia

Crazy good horn lines – and shit hot players with them, all with a really fun & energetic stage presence.

The horns are nearly always my favourite sound in any music. And of all the music genres in the world in which would you find the most horns?  In instrumental jazz, I think.  In other non-jazz music the horns might be there, but usually there’s a vocalist too.

Troker don’t have a vocalist.  The music isn’t straight jazz. But the horns are a key focus. That is one of the reasons I think this band is super special.

They’re a fusion music band from Mexico. The music is a mix of the flavours of jazz, funk, cumbia and rock.

It is such an incredible delight to hear fusion music where the horns are in focus.

Troker live concert - Medellin, Colombia

The other band members were equally as great as the horn players:  Samo Gonzalez on double & electric bass – Christian Jimenez on keys – Frankie Mares on drum kit (who very cooly, reminded me of ‘Animal’, the mad drummer from the Muppets) – & DJ Zero on beats and turntables.

Troker @ Parque Nocturnal, La Feria de las Flores 2013, Medellin - Beaver on the Beats

There are so many beloved things about Troker’s La Feria de las Flores show.

This band played some of the most interesting  jazz & groove based fusion music I’ve heard in a very long time. The absence of vocals was refreshing and yes those crazy horns in their place was special. The bass, drums and keys all had varied, unconventional, unique sounds. And the turntable sounds sounds in the mix made it that much more delightful.

Troker @ Parque Nocturnal, La Feria de las Flores 2013, Medellin - Beaver on the Beats10

Amongst the at-times crazy-ass sound frenzy that was happening in some Troker songs, there were also long, wacky, fantastic solos played by the muss throughout.

Troker @ Parque Nocturnal, La Feria de las Flores 2013, Medellin - Beaver on the BeatsTroker @ Parque Nocturnal, La Feria de las Flores 2013, Medellin - Beaver on the Beats

Every Troker member displayed great musicianship and had musical tricks too. My favourite was the trumpet-scratch mimicking sequences between these two.

Troker concert - Medellin, Colombia

Short video from Troker’s concert here…. 

I caught a second Troker show on Tuesday night at Medellin venue 3 Cordilleras.tThey supported Esteman and Puerto Candelaria. Troker was almost as good the second time.

Video from Troker’s 3 Cordilleras gig here… 

Troker have one album to find and buy – El Rey del Camino. The band tours a lot so if you get a chance to catch them live, go.

Troker is another special music find from La Feria de las Flores in Medellin.

I’m stoked at the find of Mexican instrumental fusion music! 🙂

Troker de Mexico live concert - Medellin, Colombia

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