Monsieur Periné – Colombian Gypsy Jazz To Make You Happy

Every second person I spoke to in Colombia recently about contemporary Colombian fusion music, recommended this band to me.  Thanks to all those people – because I love Monsieur Periné.

Monsieur Periné

Monsieur Periné’s music is Colombian fusion flavours of a different sort again – illustrating again the incredible diversity of music in Colombia.

The group self describes as a ‘Laboratorio de música popular experimental con alma de antaño’ – a laboratory of experimental pop music with the soul of yesteryear.  The music is swinging Gypsy Jazz in French roots (Jazz Manouche) + pop + subtle Latin rhythmic flavours in the mix.

Monsieur Periné

Monsieur Periné

Monsieur Periné is an independent 7 piece band based in Bogota. The group is award winning, regularly performs at festivals in and outside of Colombia, gets radio play in Colombia, and has a big following.

There are very good reasons for all of that – the musicianship of the group members is stellar, and the music is fantastic.

This is totally different to any other music I have heard come out of Colombia. Listening to it makes me feel happy.  What else do I need to say???  Nothing :).

Listen yourself to some sample tracks from Monsieur Periné’s album Hecho a Mano. If it makes you happy too, the original CD will make you even happier than these MP3 versions.

Hecho A Mano (2012)

Hecho A Mano (2012)



03 Suin Romantico – Hecho de Mano (2012) 

11 La Muerta- Hecho de Mano (2012) 


Doesn’t it make you feel happy too?

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