About Beaver


…from anywhere in the world.

…wherever possible fusing the sounds of funk, soul, jazz, R&B, hip hop, reggae, dub, Latin & Afrobeat.

…on vinyl or if not, cd. Never dirty mp3s. Except by way of sample tracks here 🙂 – only in the hope you can imagine all the sounds you don’t hear in the compressed mp3 versions and love the music enough to buy the real deal yourself.

Sublime Musical Experiences

 …preferably and blissfully live. Festivals, yes. Gigs yes. Jams, yes. Buskers putting the sounds of music into our streets, most definitely yes.

Music Advocacy

 …properly valuing and supporting (financially & otherwise) the artists, festivals, venues and little independent record stores who contribute an immeasurable goodness to this oh-so-troubled world of ours by creating and making music heard within it.

Because what, where and who would we be without them? We don’t need to think about that though. Do we?

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