DJs With Bands = Musical Diversity +++

Many of the fusion bands I have heard live in Colombia (and/or have on CD), have a DJ in the musical mix.   Those DJ’s play a fundamental part in the diversity of sounds created by the band as a whole.

Live music is the ultimate musical experience for me.

A great DJ to dance or listen to is also an awesome musical experience.

The 2 combined: DJ + a band = musical diversity +++, live.

A DJ can create any and as many different sounds as he/she wants yesMusicians can’t do the same thing with instruments, can they?

Combine the musicians and the DJ’s (+ of course emcees & vocalists), and you have complete musical freedom to be as diverse as you want yes? The sound possibilities are endless.

Or no? 

Add a VJ into the mix and you have visual diversity with the auditory yes?

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Mitú – An Entrancing Electronic Music Experience

Last night in Bogota I had an absolutely unforgettable and entrancing musical experience. A most surprising and unexpected one: Mitú.

I had no idea what the gig was. I only went to see some friends before I leave Bogota.

What I found even before the main act was awesome – one of the coolest venues I’ve been to in terms of character, style and set-up (Latora 4 Brazos), and two female DJs (an all too rare find no?).

When the main act did start, Mitú, I discovered it was fast and intense electronic music – ‘jungle techno’. One percussionist, Franklin Tejedor. One guy in charge of the electronics, with lots of cords and machines –  Julian Salazar– also the guitarist with successful Colombian fusion band Bomba Estereo.

Mitu @ Latora 4 Brazos - Beaver on the Beats

While my friends joined the dancing crowd, I completely switched off, as I usually do when it comes to techno music. At best, I generally find it tedious, and my body just doesn’t want to move to it.

Fascinated by the beautiful venue I wandered away from the music and through the different venue spaces, playing with my camera, and hoping my friends would surface from the crowd soon so I could say goodbye and go home.

When I went back to the crowd, some people had left and I was able to find a space to engage with the Mitú music, and see and hear what was actually happening.

Dios miya! What was happening was really incredible. Two guys having an awesome time on the stage, so much into the music they were playing it was inspiring.

The high quality electronic sounds coming out of those machines were so varied and interesting, with flavours of cumbia and meringue and I don’t know what else!

Mitu @ Latora 4 Brazos - Beaver on the Beats

Mitu @ Latora 4 Brazos - Beaver on the Beats

Mitú’s percussionist, and at times vocalist (in Palenque language), playing Colombian tribal rhythms, was incredible. The quality of musicianship was beyond words. 

Within minutes of engagement, I found myself smiling from ear to ear, jaw to the ground in awe of the music and musicianship, and totally and utterly entranced. Right until the end.

Mitú is the first techno experience of my life that has moved me. A stellar performance, incredible stamina (judging by the time I got home, they must have played for 2 hours), ridiculously talented musicians and really interesting, awesome and yes, entrancing music.

Absolutely spectacular.

Given my general aversion to techno, I’m not sure if I would go as far as to buy the Mitú CD (‘Potro’), but if you’re into electronic music I would definitely find it.  If you ever get the chance to experience Mitú live, go!  I will in a heart beat  if I get another chance.

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