Music Ethics

Beaver’s 10 Self-Commandments for Music

Beaver shall:

  1. Only post samples of music she’s purchased herself on vinyl or cd.
  2. Never buy music in mp3 format from You Know Who.
  3. Wherever possible buy her music from an independent record store.
  4. Remove any samples of artistry the artist tells her he/she doesn’t want in Beaver Land.
  5. Support artists playing live – and the venues and festivals facilitating live music being heard.
  6. Try not to let the potentially doomed future of sound quality get her down, and for as long as possible stay resistant to the digital consumption of music.
  7. Wherever possible use her own images and where not, try to source and credit the image maker.
  8. Always count her blessings for the existence of music in her life and the world.
  9. Encourage others to do the same.
  10. Be sorry if she gets something wrong, and fix it.

If Beaver breaks any of her 10 Commandments, let her know at

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