B Is For Breakbeat

‘B’ (like A and C-Z) has its weird and its wonderful sounding fusion music genres.

Some I want to hear, some not. Some I know and love…

B is for Baggy – a British style that combined alternative rock and acid house, often creating a psychedelic and funky sound.

B is for Baião – a Brazilian rhythmic formula based around the zabumba drum that later combined itself with elements of mestizo, European, and African styles.

B is for Bangsawan – a style of Malay opera based on Indian styles introduced by immigrants.

B is for Bhangragga – a fusion of Bhangra and reggae and dancehall.

Bhangra is a fusion of South Asian and British popular styles, initially developed by Punjabi Indian-English as a combination of their respective cultural styles, but later used to refer to any South Asian/European fusion.

B is for Blackened Death Metal – a fusion between death and black metal.

B is for Brostep – an aggressive and metal-influenced style of Dubstep popular in the USA.

B is for Breakbeat

B is for one I know and love, Breakbeat.

“What the heck is a Breakbeat? It isn’t in my Music Dictionary.”


“Clearly this definition is bullshit.”


Lots of differing, confused and amusing opinions expressed all over the place on the meaning of Breakbeat.

At your most simplistic Breakbeat (or breaks) is said to refer to two distinct but related things:

1. an electronic music genre; 2. the distinct percussive rhythm from which the genre takes its name, usually characterised by the use of a non-straightened 4/4 drum pattern.

is For Breakestra

Happily in my life, Breakbeat is represented by eight-piece Los Angeles based group Breakestra.

Their Bio talks of Breakbeat too…

…that ten second slice of percussive magic in the middle of a funk song that, when looped together by progressive South Bronx DJs in the 1970s, became the basis of the hip-hop movement.


Breakestra made the evolution of Breakbeat ever so sweet.

They did so by being a group of musicians simulating the sounds of breaks usually mixed on turntables, with their live instruments.  Live hip hop breaks – drenched in funk and soul.


Check out these 2 sample tracks from Breakestra’s first album Hit The Floor

MP3 warning, like always.

Hit The Floor (2005) - Breakestra

Hit The Floor (2005)

‘Gotta Let Me Know’ – Breakestra – Hit The Floor (2005)


‘Hiding’ – Breakestra – Hit The Floor (2005)


I love that B is for Breakbeat – and for Breakestra.

Don’t you?  

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