Dream Drone (Australia)

Dream Drone Serenity

Know what it feels like to have the sounds and vibrations of 2 didgeridoos being played into the front and back of your body, meeting together in the middle of your chest cavity?

I guess most people in the world don’t know. I had that incredibly special and powerful experience this week in Dream Drone.

That meeting of sounds and vibrations inside me was just the beginning of the Dream Drone journey. The experience as a whole, was even more special and powerful than how it began.

Dream Drone

Yearning and Aching

I’ll just tell you this about how the meeting of those didgeridoos felt:

As the creators and facilitators of Dream Drone (Si Mullumby from Wild Marmalade and Jon Worsley) moved towards me with their didgeridoos in the small circle of people I was sitting with, I felt a physical yearning in my body for whatever it was that I had coming to me.

Dream Drone - Tyagarah, Australia

When they left me and continued around the circle, I felt an intense physical ache for they and the feeling they had just created inside me, to come back again.

Naturally Alive

With eyes closed for the rest of the 90 minute Dream Drone session, I can only guess what was happening in the Dream Drone space.

All I know is what I heard, and what I felt:

No rhythms. No melodies. Just the gentle, warm, acoustic sounds of didgeridoos interacting, their frequencies, and their vibrations.

Waves of sounds and vibrations of different intensities moving through every cell in my body, making every one of them feel alive.

Strange and wonderful sounds and vibrations moving everywhere around me in the Dream Drone space.

Those sounds and vibrations felt like something magical, but at the same time like a state of being and consciousness ever so natural – one I just needed help to access.

Two of a Unique Kind

I also don’t know what exactly it is that makes the Dream Drone experience so unique and powerful. I can guess some of the elements:

  • The musicality and playing tones of Jon Worsley and Si Mullumby. And the personal and musical connection between them.

Dream Drone (Australia) - with Jon Worsley & Si Mullumby

  • The warm sounds of the unique type of elongated didgeridoos they play called YiDaChi – designed and made by Jon Worsley himself.
  • The intentions of the facilitators and everyone else in the Dream Drone space.
  • The physical design and sound resonance of the venue where its held.

Dream Drone Serenity

Whatever it was that happened in the Dream Drone space this week, and whatever it was that made it such a special and powerful experience, I do know 2 things about it.

I know I left the Dream Drone space with a feeling of true serenity. A rare feeling in this life yes?

I know I want much more of everything I felt, heard and otherwise experienced in Dream Drone.

Dream Drone (Australia)

If you’re in Northern NSW over the next 2 months you can book in for your own personal Dream Drone experience at Tyagarah. Make yourself available for 5 weeks running and you have the opportunity to participate in a Dream Drone course being run in line with the Lunar cycle (29th April – 27th May).

If you’re in the rest of the world I’m sure the Dream Drone experience will find its way to you soon. Keep your eyes on the Dream Drone website to find out.

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