Kooii – Kickin’ It Live At Kulcha Jam

After a bit of a gig hiatus, Kooii took their uplifting Afro Beat/reggae/jazz/groove fusion sounds to Byron Bay to play live at Kulcha Jam.

Kooii poster- Kulcha Jam- 2013 - www.beaveronthebeats.com

The gig was a positive, feel good experience for all –  same as every Kooii gig I’ve been to over the years.

Kooii - Live - Kulcha Jam - www.beaveronthebeats.com

It was 10 years ago when I bought Kooii’s first release – Hijacker.  Since then the group has morphed its members and its music, but the things that make up the goodness that is Kooii remain.

Kooii Goodness

The Blend

*The faultlessly blended and fantastic sounds of Afro Beat, reggae & jazz in the music. Quality Afro Beat played by Australians, in Australia yes – that makes Kooii extra special in my books.

Vocals & Trumpet

*Kooii’s principal song writer and vocalist Peter Hunt: His lyrics with their simple and positive messages; and his beautiful trumpet playing that I am always hanging to hear.

Kooii - Kulcha Jam - www.beaveronthebeats.com


*The incredibly tight musicianship of every Kooii band member.

My musically hard to please (and also musically brilliant) friend said this to me during the gig: 

Those guys are such amazing musicians that the music they play transcends the genres they’re playing.

Each member of Kooii is a well respected and significant part of Brisbane’s contemporary (I’d say fusion) music scene in their own right. Via Kooii yes, but also via other bands they have been or are now a part of. That includes Kafka, Bobby Alu, Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes, Laneous & The Family Yah, Ruby Blue  and Promiscuous.  Brisbanites will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Kooii are: Peter Hunt (Vocals & Trumpet); Darcy McNulty (Saxophone); Tom Hinchliffe (Bass & Vocals); Lachlan Mitchell (Guitar & Vocals); Dominic Hede (Drums); Conan Griffiths (Guitar); Charles Wall (Percussion).

Connected In the Round

Gigs at Kulcha Jam are the best live musical experiences you’re likely to have in any Byron Bay venue.

Kooii - Live - Kulcha Jam - www.beaveronthebeats.com

I’ll probably have more to say about good vibes Kulcha Jam another day. Suffice to say for now – this is a community & cultural arts hub where you’ll find coconut juice instead of beer; chocolate covered strawberries; and a no-shoe-policy in the music & other arts space.  People are there to listen, dance and appreciate the music.

Importantly, you’ll be dancing around the band playing in the middle of the space, on the same floor you’re dancing on. You will see, and feel connected to the artists and everyone else in the room who you’re sharing that musical experience with.

Everyone Agrees

It seems everyone at Kooii’s Kulcha Jam gig agrees with me about its excellency.

Here’s a great piece that Rachael Torise from community radio station Bay FM, put together about people’s experiences there.


+ a video of Kooii performing live at Kulcha Jam…

Indescribable Support

Last but not at all least, Kooii were supported at Kulcha Jam by the musical genius of Cye Wood on violin and Matt Ostila on the Swiss Hang, electric bass, African kalimbas and a loop pedal.  I could tell you they played ‘world music sounds’ but that means nothing much. They created indescribable but beautiful, improvised, experimental music. I love to hear these musicians play whatever they are playing, whenever they are playing.

Matt Ostilla & Cye Wood

Matt Ostila & Cye Wood

Kooii and their support act absolutely kicked it at Kulcha Jam – just like Kooii sing in their song below that you can check out 🙂 .


Kooii tracks for listening here… (available to buy through Vitamin Records – and of course much better sounding than these MP3 versions )

Call Out (2012)

Call Out (2012)

‘Kick It’ – Kooii – Call Out (2012)


‘Hold It Up’ – Kooii – Call Out (2012)


Beads On A String (2005)

Beads On A String (2005)

‘Meeting Place’ – Kooii – Beads On A String (2005)

“The music as a meeting place, for all to come, for all to be.”


‘We Get Around’ – Kooii – Beads On A String (2005)


In This Life (2010)

In This Life (2010)

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