DJs With Bands = Musical Diversity +++

Many of the fusion bands I have heard live in Colombia (and/or have on CD), have a DJ in the musical mix.   Those DJ’s play a fundamental part in the diversity of sounds created by the band as a whole.

Live music is the ultimate musical experience for me.

A great DJ to dance or listen to is also an awesome musical experience.

The 2 combined: DJ + a band = musical diversity +++, live.

A DJ can create any and as many different sounds as he/she wants yesMusicians can’t do the same thing with instruments, can they?

Combine the musicians and the DJ’s (+ of course emcees & vocalists), and you have complete musical freedom to be as diverse as you want yes? The sound possibilities are endless.

Or no? 

Add a VJ into the mix and you have visual diversity with the auditory yes?

Official sites of these groupsBajo Fondo – Bambarabanda – ChocQuibTown – Dubioza Kolektiv – Mitu – Papaya Republik – Pulenta – Sidestepper – Systema Solar – Troker – Zalama Crew


Reviews of gigs, sample music & other info about these groups by Beaver on the Beats @Bajo Fondo –  Bambarabanda –  ChocQuibTown – Dubioza Kolektiv –  Mitu –  Papaya Republik –  Pulenta –  Sidestepper –  Systema Solar –  Troker –  Zalama Crew

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Bambarabanda – Super Wacky Colombian Fusion Music

Bambarabanda live @Rock al Parque 2013

  • Hailing from Pasto in Southern Colombia, Bambarabanda plays some of the wackiest fusion music I’ve heard. All of it was performed incredibly well.
  • Fusion of traditional Andean folk, rock, reggae, hip hop, punk, ska, funk, and polka.
  • Three vocalists, drum kit, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, violin, charango, accordion, various percussive instruments, and generally just a mix up of strange but cool sounds.

No photos or videos from this gig– too much rain – but I highly recommend you check out some videos on Bambarabanda’s website or on Youtube to see the super wackiness for yourself.


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