Orishas Reunited For New Album

Orishas only did two things that troubled me during their 11 years together creating stunning, one-of-a-kind Cuban hip hop music. The first was featuring Pitbull on one of their tracks “Quien Te Dijo” – and there ain’t no way of ever undoing that.

The second and much more devastating thing was their decision to split up in 2010.  All five Orishas albums have been on high listening and dancing rotation since- well and truly part of my Love & Appreciate For Forever-After Music Collection. But each listen still made me wish for new Orishas music to add to it (I’m greedy I know).

Six years on and the trio has remedied that selfish trouble of mine by delivering the super-exciting news of their reunion.


How far that reunion goes beyond the recently-recorded single is anyone’s guess. Hopefully it involves the recording of many more Orishas albums to come and the blessed opportunity for fans around the world to have themselves the live Orishas experience. It’s one I never got to have- and since the split thought I never could. With this news Orishas goes back up high on my Live Music Bucket List, in hope.

Orishas are Yotuel Romero Manzanares, Roldán González Rivero and Hiram Riveri Medina (“Ruzzo”). If their music-making history is at all reflective of what’s to come, the world is in for a special treat. The elements that make up their distinctive sound – the very different rap flows of Ruzzo and Yotuel, the heavenly singing voice (+ guitar & bass) of Roldán and the beautiful sounds of traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms seamlessly fused with modern hip hop beats and live instrumentation – with lyrical stories, sentiments and slang dearly particular to Cuba…ain’t found anywhere else in this wide world of music.


If you don’t already know and appreciate the musical goodness of this group check out these sample tracks from their albums past- and watch the Orishas space to hear new music they’re gifting the world in 2016.

Orishas - A Lo Cubano (1999)“A Lo Cubano” – A Lo Cubano (1999)


Orishas - Emigrante (2002)“Niños” – Emigrante (2002)


Orishas - El Kilo (2005)“Al Que Le Guste” – El Kilo (2005)




Antidiotico (2007)

“Que Vola?” – Antidiotico (2007)


Cosita Buena (2008)

“Machete” – Cosita Buena (2008)


Get any or all of those hard-copy Orishas albums into your own music collection here.

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Orishas – A Musical Remedy for Colombian Anxiety

I first met Orishas exactly 6 years ago.  It was on the same time flight I am about to board soon – to Bogota, Colombia. I remember it ever so clearly. The feeling of anxiety, and the moment Orishas’ music made that anxiety disappear and put a huge smile on my face.

Orishas - www.beaveronthebeats.com

No one else is going to Colombia

I was on my own you see. On a plane to Colombia for the first time.  With a total of about 5 Spanish words in my vocab. I’d been warned by a Colombian living in Colombia “Don’t come. It’s too dangerous”.  I didn’t know why I was going. But for whatever reason I’d chosen to ignore the Colombian’s advice and be on that plane to Colombia.

I was on the last of the 4 plane rides that took me to Colombia, by then in Spanish speaking territory. The same plane I’m about to get on again now. I looked around at the people and noticed that every other tourist on my last 3 plane rides had arrived at their destinations and departed by now. Why wasn’t anyone else going on to Colombia?  What the hell was I doing going to Colombia?  About that time I started to feel anxious.

The Orishas Remedy

Atypically for me I grabbed the airline headphones to try and find some music that might help soothe my anxiety, or at least maybe help me progress my Spanish faster.

A few moments later, to my absolute delight, I heard the sweet musical sounds of Orishas coming through the head phones. It was a totally unique mix of traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms with hip hop beats, scratching, really cool raps and beautiful melodic male vocals.

Orishas - www.beaveronthebeats.comThat was my first beautiful taste of Latin fusion music (Orishas are Cuban, based in Europe since the late 1990’s).

It woke me up to the fact that I was about to enter and explore a whole new magical world of Latin fusion music sounds.  When I realised that, my Colombian anxiety instantly transformed into excitement and a smile.

The rest of my Colombian & other Latin fusion music story is history. Part of that history definitely includes hours and hours of Orishas music listening and dancing pleasure.  The future will too.

The Music

Have a listen to some sample tracks from the Orishas albums. Try to imagine all the extra sounds you’d hear in the music if you didn’t have to listen in MP3 format. Maybe you’ll buy the CDs and that will become part of your listening and dancing future?

Orishas music is by the way, a perfect illustration of the distinct fusion music I was trying to explain in WTF is fusion music anyway Beaver?.


A Lo Cubano (1999)

A Lo Cubano (1999)

04 A Lo Cubano

10 Canto Para Elew Y Chango


Emigrante_Album_Cover_  Orishas_2002_Beaver_On_The-Beats

Emigrante (2002)

06 Niños

08 Gladiadores



El Kilo (2005)

08 Al Que No Le Guste

11 La Calle



Antidiotico (2007) Essentially a ‘best of” album

Cosita_Buena_Album_Cover_  Orishas_2008_Beaver_On_The_Beats

Cosita Buena (2008)

01 Cosita Buena

09 Machete

To Colombia with a Smile

Orishas was a top quality introduction to Latin fusion music – and are one of my all time favourite musical finds. I remember them today, because exactly 6 years ago they sent me to Colombia with a big smile on my face.

Orishas - www.beaveronthebeats.com

So then, HOLA COLOMBIA again!  I come with a smile this time too, because I know we’re definitely going to share many delightful musical experiences in the coming months. Hopefully lots of them will be fusion ones.

P.S . Sadly, Orishas is no longer  – but the 5 albums remain forever after, and are available to buy.

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