Pulenta – Give Me Those Horns

Pulenta live @ Rock al Parque 2013.

Pulenta live@Rock al Parque 2013

Live @ Rock al Parque 2013

This is home grown Colombian fusion music from Bogota.

This group of 7 artists say they like to stay away from music classifications – and experiment with sounds of funk, hip hop, r&b, and Afro and Latino rhythms.   They combine the use of beats sequencers, samplers and synthesizers, with live bass, electric guitar, vocals, drums, and importantly from my perspective, an awesome horn section.

Pulenta live @ Rock al Parque 2013

Live @ Rock al Parque 2013

Pulenta were fun to watch.  It was cool to hear some Colombian music with some funk elements to it, and with prominent horn lines – both of which I love but neither of which I have heard much of in Colombia.

Check out these sample tunes:~

Gypsy Bermudez by PULENTA

Como fue by PULENTA.mp3

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