Trinity Roots – Long Awaited Music Miracles

The upcoming Trinity Roots album is one of, or possibly the most long-awaited and anticipated music release of my lifetime.  A music miracle it is.

Big statements yes, but absolutely true.

The Long Wait

It’s been 10 years since Trinity Roots’ last studio album release.

Nine years ago Trinity Roots played their “final” show in their magical home of Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Just weeks before that show, I went to Aotearoa and found the music of Trinity Roots. Two albums and an EP –  independently released – platinum selling – award winning – and incredibly special.

Special Music

The music of Trinity Roots has a distinctly, uniquely Aotearoa sound that’s unlike any other in the world. One deeply connected to, and reflective of it’s culture and divine natural environment. Spacious. Open. Beautiful.

It is the sweetest of sweet blend of jazz, soul, blues, reggae and dub – South Pacific style. Soothing vocals sung with heart and soul. Gorgeous vocal harmonies. Conscious, positive lyrics that Jamaicans frustrated with modern dancehall culture would approve of.

This music conveys emotion in the purest and most humble of ways – and touches me in the profound way I want music to affect me.  It makes me feel more connected to and thoughtful of humanity and the earth.  It is music that soothes the spirit, heart and mind – and simply makes me feel good every time I hear it.

Hope Springs Eternal

Blessed I was in 2005 to find the music of Trinity Roots. But I couldn’t help feeling a little devastated as well.  I had to leave the country just before their final show – so missed out on being able to ever have the live Trinity Roots experience I craved for each time I listened to their recordings thereafter.

Trinity Roots

Trinity Roots in its 1st life – Warren Maxwell, Rio Hunuki-Hemopo & Riki Gooch

Trinity Roots went onto my Live Music Bucket List anyway – in slim hope, just in case of a miracle reunion one day. Each of the three band members were still making music, and playing festival & other gigs you see – just not together, and not as Trinity Roots.

Warren Maxwell (Little Bushman + Fat Freddys Drop)

Rio Hunuki-Hemopo (Breaks Co-Op + solo music)

Riki Gooch (Eru Dangerspiel +producing for other Aotearoa artists like Ria Hall &  Hollie Smith)

Despite how loveable and loved their other studio music and live shows were, I still always longed to have the live Trinity Roots experience.

Listen, Hope, Wait, Listen

The years passed by while I listened and hoped, and listened some more to the Trinity Roots recordings.  I bought the Trinity Roots CDs as gifts for the most musically-hard-to-please friends of mine, and then those friends waited too.

Listen yourself to these here sample tracks created by Trinity Roots in their 1998-2005 lifetime.  You’ll see why we’ve all been waiting.

But believe me when I tell you that to only hear this band’s music in dirty mp3 format is an absolute travesty. Wherever in the world you are, you can easily buy the real music in its other formats.

Trinity Roots - Home Land And Sea (2004)

Home, Land And Sea (2004)

Way I Feel – Home, Land And Sea (2004)

The Dream – Home, Land And Sea (2004)


True (2002)

True (2002)

Sense and Cents – True (2001)

Call To You – True (2001)

Trinity Roots EP (2000)

Trinity Roots EP (2000)

Little Things (Remix by Mu) – Trinity Roots EP (2000)


The Resurrection

Finally, one fine day in 2010, the first Trinity Roots miracle came.  They announced a reunion tour and released a live CD and DVD documenting their final 2005 shows.

Music Is Choice (2010)

Music Is Choice (2010)

Two By Two – Music Is Choice (2010)


There was movement in the Trinity Roots camp. What did it mean? Could there, would there really be a Trinity Roots resurrection? We held our breaths for more news.

The Live Miracle

The next Trinity Roots miracle came soon afterwards. On another fine day in Australia the Byron Bay Bluesfest announced Trinity Roots in its 2011 festival program.  So did WOMAD NZ. I along with so many others I knew in waiting, shouted “Hallelujah” to the musical gods and goddesses.

Byron Bay Blues Fest 2011 poster

Those two Trinity Roots shows in Byron Bay were spiritual experiences. Perfectly sublime really.  Just as I’d imagined they would be.

Trinity Roots Live @ Byron Bay Blues Fest 2011

Trinity Roots Live @ Byron Bay Blues Fest 2011

For a glimpse of the magic, check out this short (dodgy) video from one of those Bluesfest shows

I left both Trinity Roots shows knowing that I would never be satisfied by any number of live Trinity Roots experiences. I would always want more.

But would there really and truly be more?  I lived in hope – but until we heard concrete news about new Trinity Roots recordings or more shows I’d have to be satisfied with what I already had.

More Miracles?  Finally, Yes!

It’s now been 4 years since the release of Music Is Choice.  During that time the Trinity Roots camp has seemed relatively quiet from afar. They’ve played some shows here and there in Aotearoa. Last year they also morphed into a new Trinity combo with the addition of drummer Ben Wood to replace Riki Gooch and later Jean Pompey.

Then not so long ago, news of another Trinity Roots miracle came.  They’ve been in the studio recording new music – and have recently played some of it to lucky crowds in Aotearoa.

Trinity Roots 2013

Trinity Roots in it’s new ife – Warren Maxwell, Rio Hunuki-Hemopo & Ben Wood

It’s been a long, hopeful, ten-year wait for new music from Trinity Roots.  The wait is really, truly nearly over – and that’s some of the best music news ever.

So too is the fact that new music releases usually come with tours. That means chances are good of us having ourselves the live Trinity Roots experience soon- with new music and a new line-up. Since Australia has so many people here in waiting, and is so close to Aotearoa, hopefully it’s first up on Trinity Roots’ international touring schedule 🙂 .

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