Fat Freddys Drop Blackbird Album – As Unique As FFD Always

I maintain that the Fat Freddys Drop live experiences are where it’s best at, for me.

Fat Freddys Drop - Live - Tivoli - Brisbane - Blackbird Tour - 2013 - Beaver on the Beats

Live @ The Tivoli, Brisbane, 2013

All Fat Freddys Drop music though – live or recorded – makes me feel good when I hear it. Simple.

Their new album Blackbird, which I got hold of last week, is no exception. I know when I play it that the cruisy, soulful, jazzy, funky, bluesy, electro, dubbed out sounds will make me feel good.

Fat Freddys Drop music sounds like none other in the world. That’s pretty special in this day of our long musical history. Don’t you think?

Fat Freddys Drop - Blackbird CD - www.beaveronthebeats.com

Blackbird (2013) – Fat Freddys Drop

Here are some sample listening tracks from Blackbird in MP3 format (+ find 1 more here). Blackbird and other Fat Freddys Drop albums are easy to buy in real music stores, or on-line from most places in the world.

Silver and Gold – Blackbird (2013)

Bohannon – Blackbird (2013)

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