Ngaiire Gifts Again

Lately I’ve gone on about the awesome musical gifts of Ngaiire: her AWME (Australasian Worldwide Music Expo) 2013 gig; Mullum Music Festival 2013 with the Barefoot Divas; and her 2013 album Lamentations.  Well, now I have some more Ngaiire gifts.

The Papua New Guinean born, Australian based artist has been ever so busy since those recent ravings of mine.

Her and the Barefoot Divas have wowed the USA and Canada with their amazing shows.

Ngaiire and her band have also been playing festival and other venue gigs all around Australia; doing radio shows; releasing the film clip of ABCD; and playing with the Australian Art Orchestra at MONA MOFO.

Ngaiire live

Ngaiire -AWME-2013- www.beaveronthebeats.comNgaiire @ AWME (Australasian Worldwide Music Expo) 2013

Somehow amongst that very busy schedule, Ngaiire has found time to start writing a new album for us all.

Since discovering Ngaiire at AWME, I got busy trying to find myself some more Ngaiire gifts…non-mp3 copies of her studio releases before Lamentations. I had success on-line, buying Songs For No One and Two Minds from Waterfront Records.

No, they’re not vinyl. But they are definitely not  mp3s. They are real discs, real sleeves and real inserts filled with beautiful images and words – things I can touch, see and smell. Most importantly on those discs is what I can hear – the music of Ngaiire as it was recorded to be heard – with uncompressed, good sound quality.

Ngaiire - Two MindsNgaiire - Songs For No One

Good sound quality – and good music. More of the beautiful, raw, unique vocals and music of Ngaiire I love so much. Two Minds and Songs For No One probably won’t get as much play time as Lamentations does, but they are getting plenty nonetheless.

Here’s your gift of these super-compressed mp3 sample tracks from Two Minds and Songs For No One. You now know where to find and buy the real CDs yourself.

Two Minds (2010)

Two Minds (2010)

Two Minds (Sold Out Sam Remix) – Two Minds (2010)

Ngaiire - Songs For No One

Songs For No One (2008)

Never Forget I – Songs For No One (2008)

You can also hear Ngaiire singing versions of these songs on the Barefoot Divas live album Walk A Mile In My Shoes.

Guess what folks? In just 5 more days I get to have the gift of Ngaiire and her band live at WOMADelaide 2014.

Who’s coming??? Come on. You know you want to 🙂 .

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