The Gift of Ngaiire

My Gift of Naiire

Last month AWME gave me the gift of Ngaiire and her band live in Melbourne, plus their debut album Lamentations to take away.

Ngaiire - AWME showcase

AWME showcase (Melbourne)

On the next weekend Mullum Music Festival blessed me with the gift of Ngaiire performing amongst the Barefoot Divas.

Mullum Music Festival 2013

Mullum Music Festival 2013

In between those two shows and since, I have listened to the 9 beautiful songs on Lamentations over, and over again.

Lamentations (2013) - Ngaiire

Lamentations (2013)

It’s music self-described as ‘future folk/soul’. I guess that’s true, but I don’t even want to think about naming it. It’s just special.

Think Erykah BaduMe’Shell NdegéocelloNneka.

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu

Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell Ndegeocello



Ngaiire’s music, nor her vocals, sound like theirs do.

Sydney based, Papua New Guinean Ngaiire, sounds like Ngaiire.



But all 4 of those contemporary female artists create innovative, unique and diverse music. They all have divine voices and use them in incredible ways.

Ngaiire is now amongst Erykah, Me’shell and Nneka in my group of musical heroines.

Your Gift of Ngaiire

2 sample tracks from Lamentations

They’re just a tiny taste of the diverse musical and vocal flavours on the album – but hopefully enough to make you want more.   I promise you the creations of Ngaiire and her musical collaborators (Aaron ChoulaiTim CurnickChris TownendNai PalmElana Stone –  Brian Campeau) sound much better on the original CD than in this here mp3 style.

Lamentations (2013) - Ngaiire

Lamentations (2013)

Dirty Hercules (Feat. the beautiful Nai Palm from Hiatus Kaiyote) – Lamentations (2013)

ABCD (For Ommo) – Lamentations (2013)

A special gift yes? 🙂  I think so.

You can buy yourself Lamentations on-line…or on foot in good music stores.

You can also find Ngaiire’s past releases on-line. Or you can try to find 2 copies of the original CDs – 1 for you, and 1 for me please.

Her Gift of Ngaiire

It’s a very rare thing that I’m brave enough to buy a music CD for someone by an artist they don’t know about. A risky gift to give yes?

This Christmas I’ve bought Lamentations for someone.  I’m not worried though. I have complete faith in the value of Ngaiire’s music being heard.

Future Gifts of Ngaiire

The gift of the live Ngaiire & band experience is on offer to folks all around Australia in coming months. They’ve just started their Summer tour with a support slot for Alicia Keys.

We can get the gift again at Ngaiire’s WOMADelaide show in March – on the festival program amongst other amazing worldwide artists.


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  1. I just bought Ngaiire’s album because of this post….amazing music. Thanks Beaver 🙂

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