Little Dragon – Nabuma Rubberband

Little Dragon has just released another one of their synth-pop gems. The group’s highly anticipated 4th album Nabuma Rubberband is finally here to buy and have in your music collection forever after.

Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband (2014)

Nabuma Rubberband (2014)

Nabuma Rubberband’s first track ‘Mirror’ sets the album’s dark tones with it’s slow, ominous beat and these opening lyrics sung by Yukimi Nagano:

“You know you’re making me mad. The way you look at me so. Kind of making me scared”.

Listen to the song ‘Mirror’ below.

Little Dragon’s last album Ritual Union was quirkier sounding, lighter, happier and busier than this one. Nakuma Rubberband has a pretty consistent eery mood with more spacious and (mostly) slower tracks. It’s sounds are inspired in part by the music of Prince and Janet Jackson, with a desire to make you feel like you’re floating.

Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband (2014)

Little Dragon

Listen to sample tracks from Ritual Union here.

Then check out these 2 tracks from Nabuma Rubberband to see if they make you feel like you’re floating.

The usual mp3 warning applies. I wonder why anyone would buy this album in compressed mp3 format when you can get the complete sounds on CD from your local independent record store for about $18 only?

Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband (2014)

Nabuma Rubberband (2014)

‘Mirror’ – Nabuma Rubberband (2014) – Little Dragon

‘Pretty Girls’  – Nabuma Rubberband (2014) – Little Dragon

Every other track on Nakuma Rubberband has different subtle flavours in its mix – jazz or pop or techno or r&b or the 80’s. Some songs are super slow and spacey, and others have the sounds of urgency. The slow, deep, pounding bass is nearly always there to grab you.

Little Dragon have announced a stream of 2014 tour dates through the U.K, USA and Europe so catch them live where you can. I think the live Little Dragon experience would be better and at least equally as great as the studio-recorded Little Dragon experience.

Anyone seen a live Little Dragon gig to tell us?  

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