Little Dragon To Strike Again

After Roxette, Little Dragon are only the second Swedish band I’ve heard in my life.


Up until yesterday I didn’t even know Little Dragon were from Sweden. Some friends recommended their quirky electro-soul-synth-pop music to me a few years back. I’ve been loving it since, oblivious to the group’s origin and anything else about them except for the sound of their innovative music.

Little Dragon

My ears only just pricked up and payed another sort of attention to Little Dragon, at hearing they’d announced a release date for their 4th studio album Nabuma Rubberband.

Not only do I now know the group’s origins, I also know the names of the artists whose musicianship and musicality I already appreciate and admire: Yukimi Nagano (vocals & percussion); Fredrik Källgren Wallin (bass); Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards); and Erik Bodin (drums).

Little Dragon’s Past

In between Little Dragon’s 1996 beginnings and Nabuma Rubberband, the group has released 3 studio albums and some singles.

Little Dragon has also played a huge number of live shows around the world.

Little Dragon

Both live and on record, their music is internationally recognised and acclaimed as being special.  Justifiably so.

Glimpses of the Dragon

To tantalize us so far, Little Dragon have given us an image of the Nabuma Rubberband album cover plus a film clip of the first single ‘Klapp Klapp’ to watch on the band’s website.

Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband (2014)

Nabuma Rubberband (2014)

Until then anyone oblivious to Little Dragon’s music can check out an mp3 only glimpse of their past here with 2 sample tracks from their last album Ritual Union. Don’t be scared. They sound nothing at all like Roxette, and everything like the innovative, original sounding group they are.

Little Dragon - Ritual Union

Ritual Union – Ritual Union (2011) 

Crystalfilm – Ritual Union (2011)

Little Dragon bring us Nabuma Rubberband on May 13th. For this new release and others coming from beloved artists in the collection, the next few months in the musical world are looking pretty damn fine.

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