Magnetica – Quantic At His Most Diverse Yet

Each album I hear from U.K producer and musician Will Holland, the latest being Magnetica (released as Quantic), I wonder at how one artist can be responsible for producing so many musically-diverse bodies of work of such goodness.

Quantic (aka Will Holland) @ WOMADelaide 2014

Will Holland (aka Quantic)

Magnetica probably contains the most diversity of all Will Holland’s previous albums so far. Thirteen tracks, each one totally different to the next in terms of music genres, vocal languages and contributing musicians and singers from different corners of the globe.

Quantic - Magnetica (2014)

Magnetica (2014) – Quantic

You’ll hear on Magnetica

The sounds of music from Brazil, Colombia, England, Ethiopia, Angola and Jamaica…

Elements of folk, soul, jazz, groove, curulao, kuduro, semba, chandé, electronica, highlife, cumbia, reggae, dub, ska, dancehall, salsa & more…

Vocals sung in English, Portugese, Amharic, Spanish and English – including by Quantic himself ending Magnetica with the beautiful, dreamy track ‘Painting Silhouettes’…

…and instrumental and vocal contributions from incredible worldwide artists including Pongo Love, Alice Russell, Dereb the Ambassador, Shinehead, Nidia Góngora, Julio Ernesto “Fruko” Estrada, Michi Sarmiento, Angel Hernandez, Thalma de Freitas, Iara Rennó and Anibal Velasquez.

The common thread amongst it all is Quantic’s always great tastes in music and innovative electronic production style.

I love musical (and all other diversity) – I am a Gemini 🙂 . I love the particular musical styles that make up the mix of Magnetica. I was also already a long-time fan of many of the contributing artists on this album – as well as Will Holland himself. For those and other reasons, Magnetica has already had countless listens by me over the past month and will get many, many more in my lifetime.

Quantic - Magnetica (2014)


Given the diversity of tracks on Magnetica, picking ‘sample’ ones to give you an idea of the album’s sound is almost impossible.

I’m choosing ‘Sol Clap’ just because I’m a sucker for horns and the song brings back good memories of dancing to it amongst the trees at Quantic’s recent DJ set at WOMADelaide 2014 (check out the video below).  ‘Arada’ is here because I’m excited about checking out a live Dereb the Ambassador gig at The Basement in Sydney next week.

Quantic - Magnetica (2014)

Magnetica (2014) – Quantic

‘Sol Clap’ – Quantic – Magnetica


‘Arada (Featuring Dereb The Ambassador)’ – Quantic – Magnetica


Hear all the sounds of the diverse musical goodness on the album in non-mp3 format – and have them in your music collection forever after – by buying Magnetica on vinyl or cd from your local independent record store or through Quantic’s label Tru Thoughts.

Quantic - Magnetica (2014)


You can also read more about and hear sample tracks from Will Holland / Quantic’s other music projects here.

And check out a video of a recent Quantic DJ set in Australia at WOMADelaide 2014 here…

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