Beenie Man – The King of Dancehall?

The taxi driver home from the Beenie Man gig at Tracks & Records in Kingston last night, thinks Beenie Man is THE King of Dancehall.  Another Kingston taxi driver told me that the “Jamaican music industry” crowned Beenie Man as the King, and I have read that he crowned himself as such.

So then, is Beenie Man the King of Dancehall?

Beenie Man He is certainly talented, yes. Entertaining, yes. Successful in Jamaica and overseas, yes. Beenie Man has a long list of albums with high sales figures, yes. He is multi award winning, yes. Apparently the ladies love ‘dem sugah’ that is Beenie Man, yes.

For me, an artist’s popularity, album sales, entertainment value or awards doesn’t necessarily make him or her the best artist in a genre, or even a good one.  Nor in my eyes do they necessarily make Beenie Man the King of Dancehall.

He definitely put on a good show last night, and the band was great (although they did seem to me to look a bit bored at times during the show).  But I don’t really think that the music is my thing.


I am reserving judgment about Beenie Man being THE King of Dancehall or otherwise, at least until after Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest next week in Montego Bay – where he will perform, as will many other talented Jamaican dancehall artists on the bill.

Check out the video and see what you think.  Is Beenie Man the King of Dancehall? 

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  1. marcelo says:

    I looked for another song by Beannie Man with a clearer sound and found this. You probably heard it. It’s pretty funny.

    • Thanks for sharing that – it is funny. For me that’s one more point tallied for the ‘no’ side of the Dancehall King question.

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