Water Seed Got That Funk

In their song ‘Arithmetic’ Water Seed proclaim they “got that funk”. And they most definitely do. That delightful, glorious funk, created with killer musicianship, so rare to find in new music being made around the world these days.

We Are Stars, Water Seed’s most recent studio album, is a body of work made up of 14 sublime tracks which somehow simultaneously sound like they’re from musical eras long gone and eras yet to come. Their sound is incredibly unique in 2017. And each song has been composed and performed by its creators into a living, breathing thing bursting with personality, energy and emotion – all of which has a consistent feel-good effect on the listener.

Water Seed - We Are Stars

We Are Stars (2017)

So too does the fact that this album is full of positive, inspiring lyrical messages for all to hear and heed about the life and world we can create for ourselves and others on the planet, if we just choose to do so. In the words of founding band member Lou Reed:

We Are Stars is much bigger than us. It’s about that dreamer that believing they can make a difference. It’s about that artist that needs encouragement. It’s about that person that goes to work everyday and needs a life line to feel needed and important again. It’s about a new generation of people that understand that we are more alike than different. We are all connected. We are all important to the human experience. We are greater than what the world may tell us we are. We are intergalactic and eternal. We are stardust. We are stars.

It seems a travesty we don’t hear Water Seed songs blasting from all radios and music listening devices around the world. I’m sure we’d live in happier times if we did.

Go ahead and let Water Seed’s music move you. Let it groove you, inspire you and heal you – like good music medicine does.  Remember these versions here are just lowly mp3s.

“Open Sesame” by Water Seed – We Are Stars


“Arithmetic” by Water Seed – We Are Stars


You can support the future of funk and the fruits of Water Seed’s labours by buying We Are Stars in its uncompressed hard-copy glory to add to your Forever-After Music Collection. Also check out previous Water Seed releases here.

The next step is to find yourself what I’m sure is the ultimate Water Seed experience: a live show. Check out concert dates in their home town of New Orleans or elsewhere around the world here.

Water Seed’s core members are Lou Hill, J. Sharp, Cinese Love, Shaleyah and Berkley the Artist with additional contributions by musicians Willie Martin, Harry Morter Jr, Grant Hudson and Jean-Paul Brion.

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